Trauma Treatment

No judgment approach
Works gently and intentionally to bring inner peace and clarity
Healing negative/traumatic imprints and attachment wounds

Couples Counseling / Therapy

No blame approach
Healing negative/traumatic imprints and attachment injuries
Focus on increasing positive, healthy communication: verbally, intimately…sexually
Different cultures welcome

Grief / Loss

Separation and/or divorce
Loss of a life partner or child

Depression and Anxiety

Post Traumatic Stress
Suicidal thinking

Sexual Abuse

Childhood molestation/ inappropriate touch
Rape: past or recent
(Please note that if you are under 18, we are required by law to report any of the above to DSS)

Domestic Violence

Verbal abuse
Emotional abuse
Emotional neglect
Physical abuse
Secondary bystander effects, past or present


Relaxation Breathing
Body awareness
Release of pain

Athletic Performance Strategies

Increasing motivation
Overcoming fear of failure or fear of success
Working with teams
Winning the game
Performance enhancement

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