As I continue to evolve as a trauma specialist, I know that when healing, or new truth integrates and the brain rewires, that the perspective on our ability to appreciate our value, exponentially increases. I am certainly blessed to be able to help support and witness this process as it unfolds, each and every day within the living room of my office in Fort Mill, SC. Professionally, I don’t know of anything more rewarding. Perhaps what can also be said is that when an individual heals, and their perception of value is more fully restored, then the way they see themselves in the context of connection to others, also shifts, because they have grown their capacity for intimacy, exponentially.

That said, ideally, if it is in the best interests to my individual client, then I will also see, or very soon begin to see, any intimate partner or spouse, simultaneously, so as to begin to help grow and honor the natural, outward expression of that restored, internal intimacy within the context of the relationship now needing support. The process is a delicate balance, and it is indeed within the best interests of the trauma survivor for them to have the opportunity to find Mutual Support and Cooperation in their most important relationship as they learn to take new and fresh responsibility to integrate the healthy brain changes back into their most important relationship.

Sometimes, the couple comes in, already fully aware that they are in a negative interaction cycle that needs guidance and support. And as with all couples, the place to begin to work is with the individual that either has the greatest need, greatest courage, or has the strongest capacity in which to develop necessary trust with me as a therapist. All the work becomes life-changing, brain changing, and a bit miraculous. My intention is to always offer the utmost, gentle respect and honor towards that core experience/part of self or broken relationship, which needs a generous amount of loving compassion. Please let me know if I can help nurture your new beginnings. Please don’t hesitate to email me at, or call my office: 855-542-8255.