What gives us the joy, peace, and connection we all hope to someday embrace? What is the secret to having the authentic blessing of finding support, connection and even simple, most valuable contentment?                 Being still.       Being present….Having our experience accurately reflected. I have found no other way. We can’t do enough fixing. We cannot buy enough gifts, or even big enough houses or trips. We cannot drink ourselves to any lasting pleasure, if towards any at all.

The physical gifts we give and receive may make us smile, communicating gestures of our affection and appreciation, but not until we know how to hold the intimacy of a long pause of presence with one another will we know that we are…home.

Many of my clients find a way to have the courage to trust the process, and also have the curiosity to discover this magical, sacred space…first within, and then with those they love most. Doing so becomes the very best gift they can ever give or receive…and it most certainly lasts a lifetime, and into the legacy of their children’s children.

Will you dare to ponder that you, too, can find this everyday contentment? Will you open your heart to the greatest gift that you can create for not only yourself but for your family as well? Peace is a process unfolding. May you find the courage to create the contentment you hope Santa might put into your stocking. I believe in the good work you can and will do! I would be honored to help you create and own the intentions that are most important to you. May peace, gently, gracefully fall upon you.