What can I expect to take place on my first visit?

First visits at Sparrow Care allow for clients and their therapist to essentially get to know each other, and to determine if working together will be a good fit. Paperwork will be reviewed, taking time to have any questions answered. The professional relationship does not actually begin until clear intentions can be set and agreed upon. A credit card number will be reserved on file for missed appointments or late cancellations should you decide to begin treatment. Payment is expected at time of service. Cash or check is preferred; VISA, MasterCard, and American Express are acceptable. 

How long will it take for my problem to be resolved?

Once a clear intention/goal for treatment has been established, the process of therapy can go quickly. At Sparrow Care, ease in one’s life experience can happen within the first couple of sessions, with an average start to finish of treatment within 5-12 sessions, depending on the trust built between us. It typically matters not, the level of trauma history. Some clients enjoy the ease of once-a-month maintenance treatment after goals have been completed in order to maintain a higher quality of life experience. Most clients at Sparrow Care typically begin to feel some relief after the first or second appointment. The important thing to remember is that you ALWAYS have the power of choice over your treatment. Just know that a sound therapist doesn’t verbalize much advice. At Sparrow Care, the belief is that you have all the answers within you, and it is the skilled or gifted therapist that simply asks the right, challenging questions, at just the right time, so that you become the one in charge of owning your new beginning. It is Sara’s intention to both safely and efficiently help you towards a felt sense of ease and freedom from your current struggle: cognitively, emotionally, somatically, and spiritually. Couples can expect to see a great amount of improvement in  the first 2-3 sessions, and can typically rework negative cycles towards positive, intimate communication within 8-15 sessions depending on the severity of circumstances. Active, domestic violence naturally takes a bit more additional time as each member will need to be seen individually at first. Sara combines Internal Family Systems (IFS) with the negative interaction cycle of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, adding in Ray Castellino’s Healthy Family Principles to facilitate speedy, insightful, permanent change.

How do I know if I, or my relationship is ready to begin treatment?

Easy. If you have a desire to move away from your current experiences towards something more pleasurable and/or satisfying, then you are ready! INDIVIDUALS experiencing attacks of anxiety, nightmares, or bouts of depression are already in need of supportive services. COUPLES can know that they are ready when there is a less-than-positive experience with their partner. When frustration and disconnect is more present than pleasure and connection, then it is time. Bottom line, when you are ready, then the time is right.  Having THE IMPORTANT CONVERSATION, that owns the awareness that whatever you both are doing is no longer creating what is pleasurable, further accepting that your relationship needs professional help, indicates that you are both ready to do the work towards finding the answers. ***Please know that having one individual in treatment will also affect a couple’s relationship, one way or another. If one partner is aware that they are frustrated with their mate, it is ideal if work can be started together in order to create support, empathy, and also bonding moments towards one another within the context of couple therapy.

How long are appointments?

Both individual and couples sessions are scheduled for at lest 75-minute sessions, and may last up to 90 minutes upon intake to ensure safety as a standard of care. Once familiar with your pace, Sara might recommend a longer session on a regular basis so as to maximize a client’s ability to heal more efficiently.

What about evening and weekend appointments?

Currently, weekend appointments are unavailable.

What about on-line sessions?

HIPAA protected on-line sessions are available for current clients only. 

Why don't you take insurance?

Several reasons. The biggest is that Sparrow Care uses non-pathologizing models, as most physical and behavioral tendencies make sense in context–as many can be alleviated or even eliminated with treatment, oftentimes, without the support of medication. Secondly, insurance companies always ask for a “diagnosis.”  Labels often stay with clients for a lifetime–even after they heal. In addition, therapists at Sparrow Care prefer to focus time on client care–staying up with the very latest information in which to give clients the best possible treatment. You do; however, have the opportunity to file insurance on your own.

What about payment?

Cash or check at time of service is preferred and expected, but a credit card can be kept on file and used at your request. Payment is for professional time. At this time, 75 minute sessions are $165.00. Additional time creates a proportionate fee increase.