As if with the cycle of the full moon, there comes a new transition, a new season, a fresh start, a time for letting go, a time for birth, perhaps a death…a graduation, a wedding…the beginning of a relationship, as well as an end. In all contexts, across all colors, tribes, and tongues…life continues to change, to transform…to take on new meaning. A new lens of perspective is often created, or perhaps a settling in of wisdom. Sometimes there is an edge of frustration because life is no longer as familiar as it once was. Transitions can be very difficult…or at least anxiety producing. We can feel hurt, slighted…or even exhilarated. As my youngest child is making preparations for college, and thus also choosing to spend much more time with her dad, I am feeling the effects of being an “empty nester,” sooner than I had originally prepared. True enough, most of the clients I come to work with are facing a new place of conscious awareness about something they need support with, clarity to understand, or wisdom to navigate the new terrain. How we allow ourselves to approach a transition can make all the difference.

In my training, I have learned both personally and professionally that if I can stay in a state or position of curiosity, that this simple shift can make all the difference. From a place of curiosity I can “step back” from my fears, from the tension, from the temptation to jump to conclusions, to blame, or to even get overly excited. From a place of curiosity, I can better navigate any choices I might need to make because I am, interestingly enough, remaining calm as well. It is from this place of being calm, that I can allow myself to respond without reactivity, and to do so with confidence about my choices in which to honor self care. So, whatever it is that happens to be on your mind with the latest transition, I am wondering if you might be able to stay curious about what is happening? If not…I would be happy to help you find a way in which to do so. May peace be with you.